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After “Blacklisted” aired in 1997, I anchored a national daily news program called “The World”.

Produced by the BBC world service and distributed by PRI, “The World” covered international developments for the American audience. 

For me, "The World" was also an opportunity to get behind the headlines and in a regular segment called “Tony Kahn’s Journal” tell stories that would help listeners understand the impact of the news on individuals like themselves, from Haiti to Moscow and Mexico to Vietnam.


More Tony Kahn’s Journal Stories:

“The Killing Fields” of Cambodia with eye-witness and author Sidney Shanberg.

The Zapatista Revolution meets photographer Antonio Turok.

A British facial surgeon hires a portrait artist to help heal his disfigured patients.

A young American woman changes the course of Japanese history after World War II.

Herman Field, American victim of both sides of the Cold War

L.A. leads the world in traffic jams, on the ground and in the air.


Aaron Lansky went on a one-man mission to save Yiddish Literature from the dumpster.



UN Interpreter Lynn Visson on what makes the Russian-American marriage so explosive and so hard to resist.



Journalist Sandy Tolland on possibly the only human solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Tony Kahn’s Journal

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