Tony Kahn
Tony Kahn
Award-winning producer, writer, and storyteller on public radio and TV



MORNING STORIES began in early 2003 as a five-minute segment on Boston public radio station WGBH-FM's "Morning Edition." Every week my Associate Producer Gary Mott and I would invite a guest to the studio to tell a personal story I’d record and edit for broadcast.

In 2004 I heard about a new development called “podcasting” and decided to take advantage of it to put the show on the web — and it changed everything. Almost overnight our audience of 20,000 grew to hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world (over half of them from China!) eager not only to hear our stories but to tell us stories of their own.

From Adam Curry’s “Daily Source Code.” Podcasting was the brain-child of Curry, a former MTV V-Jay and Dave Winer, a software entrepreneur and creator of the “RSS Feed.”

From Adam Curry’s “Daily Source Code.” Podcasting was the brain-child of Curry, a former MTV V-Jay and Dave Winer, a software entrepreneur and creator of the “RSS Feed.”

“Morning Stories” became public radio’s first podcast and one of only about twenty others then in existence. When the iTunes store started its podcast division “Morning Stories” became an editor’s choice.

A broadcast audience generally doesn’t communicate much with its favorite programs. Our internet audience, on the other hand, was eager to connect and even collaborate with us. The flexibility of the podcast form allowed me to explore new ways of producing and exploring personal stories, in picture and sound.

“Podcasting is not radio and television reheated in some microwave oven. It’s a new dish with a flavor all its own.”

— A Morning Stories Listener

“Everyone has a story,” it’s said; we figured a way to get it. No one we approached in the course of four years and hundreds of interviews in person and on the web failed to share an experience full of vivid detail and human feeling that touched others in some significant way.




“Oh, Mama, she doesn’t know, we didn’t tell her.”



"I thought to myself, that’s it, my life is over."


When Tony Kahn listens, people tell stories about themselves they’ve never told before. I’m convinced he can get a story from a dead toad.
— A Morning Stories Listener


"It wasn't just being dropped into ‘the Pie’ at the end of my life; it was dropped in ‘the Pie’ all through my life. Who the hell was I?"



“In a heart-rending shriek, she let out the cry of every mother who has seen her babies swallowed by the earth.”



“I thought, ‘You know, if we don’t do it, nobody will.’  With family, you can make anything happen.”


While lying in my tent in Antarctica during fierce storms that tore apart our tents, I wondered how I was going to manage until the plane could come to get us. That’s when ‘WGBH Morning Stories’ came in.
— A Morning Stories listener


“I seen him perform fifty-one times.  I went to twenty-nine concerts in Vegas.  I was in his company over a dozen times.  I was obsessed.  Obsessed.”





Tony Kahn is funny and charming and if I were a cat, I would have curled up on his lap and let him rub my belly.
— A Morning Stories Contributor


“It was clearly one thing only, the planet’s biggest and freshest mass tomb.”



She couldn’t find anything nice to say to eulogize her mother.



“Parents say “We come to this country so you can have a better education,” but did you ever ask us if we wanted to come?”



“English is a window, you know. Chinese nourishes my heart, but English feeds my mind.” 



“I would sit with my bottle of vodka and say, ‘God, please! Get me back to a normal family, like you see on TV, just happy, you know?’” 


A Morning Story’s ‘real’ life emerges when it is shared. It creates community.
— A Morning Stories Listener


“What a lucky thing to see in someone a mirror of what you can be at your best. Your very best.”



“I have reached out to her . . .  ‘returned unopened’  . . . over 20 years.”



A man from the ghetto of East Brooklyn remembers the first time he saw courage.








Thanks to Podcasting, I could sometimes add videos and images to a story and experiment with other ways that might add an extra dimension to someone’s personal account. Here are some examples.


A Polish immigrant wonders if he escaped his past.


Three Teenagers Who Stood up for Themselves


A Child’s LULLABY to the Jersey Shore


A GERMAN Child’s MEMORY of World War II


Oliver Sachs and His Forgotten Brother


A Child Finds his future in a House by Frank Lloyd Wright


“Losing My Hearing…”


A Practical Nurse Adds Up a Day’s Work


A Surgeon Learns to Let her Patient Go.





The Morning Stories studio, WGBH Boston, Co-host Gary Mott on the left, Producer and Host Tony Kahn, right.