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Tony Kahn
Award-winning producer, writer, and storyteller on public radio and TV


Here are some public remarks I’ve made on broadcasting and the early days of podcasting. Given how quickly technology evolves, my opinions may be of mostly archeological interest. However, they describe something about the potential of podcasting we discovered with “Morning Stories” back in 2004 that, decades later, is still far from being fully realized — the ability to forge a collaboration with your audience.

The Internet is the most effective tool ever created for exchanging data around the world. But “Morning Stories” did more than exchange data, it exchanged real experiences through the power of story. In a world where people everywhere seem more set against each other than ever, the exchange of personal stories that deepen our human connection could become an important tool for our survival.

As I said at the beginning of this website, “Peace is knowing what it’s like to be the other guy.”



Morning Stories & the art of podcasting


A talk I gave on the podcast revolution at Boston University’s First Podcast Conference, 2004.


An interview I gave in 2004 with a fellow early podcaster on the potential of podcasting for new program formats and content.


An interview I gave in 2007 with NPR’s Station Showcase about the history and development of “Morning Stories.”


An article I wrote in 2006 on “Morning Stories” and thePodcast Revolution for ID3 Podcast Magazine.




An interview about story-telling with Necee Regis on the “Beyond the Margins” Blog, 2009


Transcript of my month-long stint as guest host of the Peabody-Award winning website for public radio producers, 2007.

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A conversation recorded in the Morning Stories studio in 2005 with the hosts of another early podcast, “Slacker Astronomy.”


Appearance at the 70th Anniversary Commemoration of the start of the Hollywood Blacklist, Writers Guild Theater, Beverly Hills, CA, October, 2016. Speech begins at 22:00.

External Link, Speech begins at 22:00.

External Link, Speech begins at 22:00.


Appearance as a Special Guest story-teller at the Genesis Story Slam in Boston, January, 2012.



Featured Guest on the Inspicio Arts Magazine of Miami website, Ray Elman, Editor